Phileas 25

Airborne disinfection unit
Robustness without the weight
Technicals Features

The Mobile perfect Tool

True to its spirit of nomadic and simple implementation, Phileas®25 moves easily to handle SAS and other small volumes thanks to robust handles. It can be used on sector or NiMH battery.

Programming cycles enable optimized disinfection in complete autonomy

It is designed especially for treating small volumes between 3m3 and 40m3.

Manufactured by: Devea
Phileas 25

Key data

  • 500 ml/h
  • Battery NiMh: 2h30
  • Tank: 500ml

Technicals Features

Feature Value
Maximal volume 40 m3
Flow 500ml/h
Grading 5-10 microns
Disc rotation speed 55 000 tr/min
Drum capacity 500 ml
Power life 2h30
Recharge time 2h30
Width 47.5 cm
Height 21.3 cm
Length 19.2 cm
Weight 5 Kg
Power supplie Battery NIMH and sector 220V
Material Stainless Steel