Phileas 75

Airborne disinfection unit
Volume and Mobility
Technicals Features

It has everything a big one has

With high treatment capacity, Phileas®75 offers an excellent compromise Autonomy / Mobility.

Very compact, it moves easily through its specially designed telescopic handle and 2 wheels to support you in disinfecting with average volumes.

Phileas®75 can be pre-programmed, and runs without requiring the presence of an operator. You can easily et quicly program a diffusion for your team.

It is designed especially for treating medium volumes between 20m3 and 150m3.

Manufactured by: Devea
Phileas 75

Key data

  • Tank :2L
  • 160 m3
  • 9 Kg

Technicals Features

Feature Value
Maximal volume 160 m3
Flow 1 200 ml/h
Grading 5-10 microns
Disc rotation speed 55 000 tr/min
Drum capacity 2 L
Width 58.6 cm
Height 32.4 cm
Length 21 cm
Weight 9 Kg
Power supplie Sector 220V
Material Stainless Steel