Phileas System

The Phileas® airborne disinfection system is based on a patented technology using a rotating disk to deliver an active agent in the form of microscopic droplets in the atmosphere.

The Phileas® range is a product-torque device system suitable for the treatment of all types of volumes.
Smaller (less than 1 m³) to the largest (several thousand m³) and various configurations (height, Multi rooms).

The spinning disc technologie

The principle: feeding of a liquid fed by a peristaltic pump, to the under side of a disc spinning at very high speed, between 45,000 and 60,000 revs/min.

Disque diffuseur Phileas
3D illustration of the Airborne Disinfection Phileas system’s diffusion disc

The resulting fog is then extracted, using a fan, and removed from the influence of the centrifugal force in the diffusion head. This process and equipment is compatible with the diffusion of hydrogen peroxide based products.


  • Simplicity of concept
  • No nozzle or air compressor
  • Accurate droplets between 5 and 10µm
  • Constant flow rate
  • Low energy consumption


  • No risk of nozzle blockage
  • Low noise
  • No vibrations
  • Precise quantity control of diffused disinfectant
  • Battery operated, autonomous operation option on smaller devices within the range
  • Reproducible efficiency
  • Very low maintenance