The DEVEA company and its expertise

Specialised in
airborne disinfection

DEVEA is a young and dynamic company, built on 25 years of experience of its founder, Jean-Marc Evanno.

DEVEA is the specialist of diffusion technology by spinning disc, with ultra-fine droplet generation.

The technical proposal

A well-matched equipment/chemical combination, adapted to the treatment of all types of volumes.

From the smallest (less than 1m³) to the largest (several thousand m³) range of volumes and configurations (heights, multi-room and complex set-ups)
A French design, with production and after-sales service based in the Paris region.

  • Patented technologies and processes
  • Specialised distribution network

The chemical component

All our biocides were selected according to the following criteria:

  • Biodegradability
  • Safe to use
  • Non-toxic for the operator or the environment
  • No residues
  • High biocidal efficacy

The disinfection products

  • Based on hydrogen peroxyde, they are stabilised to avoid product degration.
  • The APASAFE and O2SAFE products are stabilised only by a physical process during fabrication. As such they do not have any chemical additives (which is usually the case with such materials), and so will not leave any residues on the treated surfaces.
  • They are made of pharmaceutical grade raw materials (the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide involves hydrolysis, and therefore leaves residues such as heavy metals salts; our products are filtered several times at 0.2µm level to eliminate all traces of such materials).
  • Their physical stability gives them an exceptional shelf life (36 months in an unopened can, 12 months in an opened can)


  • They are stamped "Organic" and act by contact with insects.
  • The way they work: All insects contain chitin. BTNG and INDC10 act on chitin by modifying its structure. It will cause the chitin to crack and free the water inside the insect, which will dehydrate.


  • Plant based, they are non-toxic.
  • They are used in mist diffusion to neutralise odours by breaking the odour creating molecules such as tobacco, ammonia and organic odours.
  • They have a fresh fragant smell allowing the detection of the presence of the deodorant within the air.
  • Of microbial origin, they are non-toxic.
  • They are made of a microbial mix of saprophytic microorganisms which will digest the organic matter responsible for odours.
  • They have a slow but durable effect and at the same time destroy surface biofilm.

Services provided

25 years of experience are put at our customers disposal to ensure the following services:

  • On-site audit of hygienic procedures in industry
  • On-site audit of air mist disinfection procedures
  • Training of personnel in hygiene, air mist disinfection and MSC decontamination