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French label QUALIPROPRE and Phileas


At the initiative of the OQEPSA, was held March 29 at the INHNI (French national cleaning services institut) and link the CTIP (french Technical institut of cleaning process) , a round table on the theme, Disinfection by airborne, News and perspectives. In the presence of experts and providers from different universes, a complete inventory of this technique unknown in full (new) development and originie many questions was drawn up: A simple, accurate and high value-added providers quest still image and differentiation.
By threre interventions , Professor Jean Yves Leveau, Professor of  AGROPARISTECH & qualifier to QUALIPROPRE and Jean Marc Evanno, ASPEC Consultant and President of DEVEA helped shed light on the technical and regulatory context of the use of H2O2 and Airborne Disinfection. It was thus highlighted the advantages of formulations without adjuvant (total absence of residues, food compatibility, speed degradation and spectrum of activity), the importance of the quality of the generated fog.
Participants were able to note the advantages of this techique and particularly those of PHILEAS:

  • Low consumption of product (6 to 12ml/m3)
  • active low concentration (6%)
  • Deadline use long (3 years)
  • Intervention carried out human presence (masked Time)
  • Easy setup
  • Complete range (Battery / Mains, Any type of Volumes, stainless steel reinforced materials)
  • Approach overall rewarding (validation biological effectiveness recommended),
  • Can use the same device to make the Pest (lice, scabies, bed bugs)

The market for the provision of integrated health the high-level disinfection by Airborne Disinfection is growing. There are technical specialists Like DEVEA and the PHILEASsystem  that can train and support service thanks to a proven expertise and flexible technology and reliable.