Airborne disinfection specialist Designs, manufactures and distributes the Phileas system

The Phileas concept is based on spinning disc technology, which allows for a very efficient diffusion of a liquid into calibrated droplets of 5 to 10µm, and can diffuse the resulting dry fog into the enclosure, volume or room to be treated, doing away with the need for a propulsive gas or a nozzle system.

Therefore the Phileas system is very simple, reliable and efficient.

The Phileas range
in detail

  • Disc Technology

    Disc Technology

    Of a unique design, the size and rotation speed of the disc allows for an extremely accurate production of the mist droplets.

  • Phileas generates H2O2

    Generation of H2O2 particles

    The PHILEAS system exploits novel production technologies for a physically stable, high performance H2O2.

  • All the Devea range is done in Europe

    French design and manufacturing

    The design and manufacturing of the entire Phileas range is done in France, and follow the relevant European norms.

  • The Phileas technology can disinfects all volumes.

    Allow all volumes

    The PHILEAS technology is designed for the disinfection of small (0.25m³) to large volumes (over 1000m³), however complex the zone might be.