Phileas® ONE

Features of Phileas® One


Features of Phileas® ONE


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  • Volume treated: 10 up to 165* m3 Device’s flow: 1.2 L/hr

    Diffusion time: 30 min for 50 m3 at 12 mL/m3 for example

    Droplets size: 5 to 10 μm

    Up to 5 consecutive cycles

    Liquid safety notification “Liquid inlet error” if the biocide tank is empty

    Minimum maintenance, robust device

    Biocide tank: 2L

    Power : 60W

    Size (l x w x h): 302 x 220 x 485 mm

    Weight: 8 kg

    Material compatible with O2SAFE7.4® & Phileasafe®

    EN 17-272 compliant & Marketing Authorisation

    Works on mains power

    Power supply: 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.8A

    Indication: final disinfection after cleaning

    • Easy programming and total autonomy with two criteria: volume & concentration
    • Automatic calculation of the diffusion time
    • Variables and treatment area memorisation functionality

    Get a high traceability level with MyPhileas® application:

    • Available on laptop (Android & Windows) or tablet (can be provided) via Wifi connection
    • Remote control during the disinfection cycle
    • Traceability of the previous diffusion reports via MyPhileas® application
    • Information of the device’s conditions
    • Biodecontamination expertise with the most demanding sectors & Marketing Authorisation
    • Devea Services:
      • Protocol support & personalized advices
      • Disinfection service provision
      • Maintenance kit & step by step guided maintenance manual
      • Biological and chemical indicators provision
      • After-sale service & equipment repair diagnostic under 48hrs
    • A range of products adapted for all volumes
    • Design, manufacture and maintenance in France (Nantes)

After-cleaning three-step disinfection


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